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Native American Organizations Call on Washington Football Team

Corporate Sponsors to Stop Harming Children

Native American organizations and communities from across the country are calling on the Washington NFL team’s corporate sponsors to do what is right for America’s children, and cancel their sponsorship of the Washington football team, starting with Federal Express (Fed-Ex). 

The term "Redsk*n is a dictionary defined racial slur against Native Americans, and one that damages the self image of Native children. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death for Native youth in the 15-24 age group—two and half times the national rate. Our communities are dealing with this crisis founded in the low self-esteem of our children.  When young people hear words like the “R-word” and see dehumanizing images about our culture, they are directly impacted and often internalize these negative stereotypes, having detrimental effects on their school work and life choices.

Please sign the petition to let Fed-Ex know that they can't continue to harm America's children.  


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Saunders Crowe
Susan Fairweather
Eddie Clark
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Phoebe Lifton
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Ralph Brown
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