Pinon Pipeline FAQ

On top of the environmental degradation caused by fracking, there is a proposed Piñon Pipeline Project that if approved, will open the door to 500 new oil wells and seriously desecrate cultural and natural resources. 


Proposed Piñon Pipeline Project in Eastern Agency, Navajo Nation

  • The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Farmington Field Office is considering the Pinon Pipeline project that is being proposed by Saddle Butte San Juan Midstream, LLC

  • Saddle Butte is proposing to construct and operate approximately 140 miles of gathering and transport pipeline to gather crude oil from Lybrook, NM and transport it to a rail facility along the I-40 corridor near Milan, NM or near Baca-Prewitt, NM.

  • The proposed pipeline would cross State, Private, BLM, Navajo Nation tribal lands, and Indian Allotted Lands.

  • The proposed pipeline would impact the following communities: Lybrook, Counselor, Pueblo Pintado, Whitehorse Lake, Casamero Lake, Baca-Prewitt, Milan, and others.

  • Saddle Butte San Juan Midstream, LLC is a shell company pushing the proposed Pinon

    Pipeline project

  • A public scoping period began on December 1, 2014 and ended on January 30, 2015

  • Over 30,000 comments were submitted to BLM on the proposed Pinon Pipeline Project

  • If the proposed project is approved, construction of the pipeline would begin in late

    2015, and be completed in early 2016.

Amount of Oil Drilled and Transported
  • The proposed Pipeline would open the door to more than 500 new oil wells.

  • The application for this proposed Pipeline says it will initially transport 15,000

    barrels/day and increase to 50,000 barrels/day. This amounts to 18.25 million barrels of oil/year.

    Issues to Consider

  • Impacts and destruction of traditional cultural properties and sacred sites including the Chaco Canyon historical site

  • Impacts to water quality and wildlife

  • Impacts to dirt roads due to increase in truck traffic

  • Death rates have increased in the Counselor/Lybrook/Nageezi area since the oil/gas

    development has begun and there are no hospitals or police sub-stations in this area. This all leads to making victims out of the community members living in this region.

    Natural Gas Flares

  • Flaring is the burning of natural gas that cannot be processed or sold.

  • Oil companies burn off natural gas to prevent buildup of methane at a drilling site OR

companies do not have the equipment or the financial incentives to capture and sell it.

  • When flaring takes place, it emits methane into the atmosphere, contributing to

    climate change and contributing to impacts on human health

  • The Four Corners region is a methane hotspot and the proposed Pipeline will only add

    more methane released into the atmosphere

Questions to Consider
  • The BLM is currently preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) on the proposed Pinon Pipeline project. However, an EA is not sufficient for this massive project. BLM needs to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to address the significant environmental and social impacts that may result from this proposed Pipeline project.

  • Has there been consultation with the Navajo Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Department? The NN Environmental Protection Agency? The Navajo Nation Fish & Wildlife Department? The local community members along the proposed pipeline?

  • Where will the crude oil be transported after it reaches the rail facility along 1-40?

  • Who are the primary beneficiaries of this proposed project? The BLM, the State of NM,

    the Navajo Nation, or the oil company?

  • There is currently no infrastructure for Public Health and Safety in the

    Counselor/Lybrook area. How will BLM and Saddle Butte, LLC address unforeseen

    accidents when the closest hospital from Lybrook is 100 miles away in Farmington?

  • How many additional roads will be constructed for this proposed project?

  • How will BLM ensure road maintenance for the bus drivers and other drivers?

  • Does BLM have plans for addressing the increase in crime rates due to oil/gas

    development? Is there a plan to develop a Police sub-station in Lybrook or nearby?


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  • Paula Soufl
    commented 2016-12-13 00:53:58 -0800
    Bullshit. More corporate greed mowing over the people of this nation which are the same people that will endure all the pitfalls of this project! No to the black snake! No to fracking. No to oil and petrolium products. Yes to renewable and responsible sustainable energy sources!
  • Paula Soufl
    commented 2016-12-13 00:50:54 -0800
    Bullshit. More. Prorate greed mowing over the eoe of this nation which are the same people that will endure all the pitfalls of this reject! Note the black snake! No to fracking. No to oil and petrolo products. Yes to renewable and responsible sustainable energy sources!
  • Tiffany Young
    commented 2016-12-03 20:19:50 -0800
    😠😢… Im at a loss for words …
  • saunie
    commented 2016-11-10 19:27:34 -0800
    When will we realize that the land, air and water are precious, and should be protected, nit exploited and poisoned.